BVLOS is the acronym for flight Beyond Visual Line of Sight. Any flight which takes place out of the sight of the pilot falls into this category. Whether you are sending your drone over a rooftop, so that you can inspect an inaccessible part of a building, or sending a drone on long-range surveys, deliveries or surveillance missions, your operation will need to be approved by the CAA and have a skilled Pilot in charge.



The Drone Industry started with hobbyists strapping cameras to the first drone aircraft and finding that there was a market for aerial photography. Then videographers did the same enabling beautiful video sequences to start cropping up everywhere, in the media and in movies. Inspection and survey work were obvious offshoots, and these areas of business are with us to stay.

We have been training pilots for this type of flying for years, but now we are looking to the future and training pilots for BVLOS, which is becoming an integral part of the aviation industry.

As you are possibly aware Flyby Technology is at the forefront of training for the drone industry, heavily involved in current BVLOS operations.

The future won't separate manned and un-manned aviation. It will all be aviation, our aircraft are remotely piloted. As experts in all aspects of aviation, we are perfectly placed to design systems that will work and enable unmanned aircraft to be integrated safely into the UK's airspace.

The immediate future of the drone industry is in work class drones. Drones that carry things to places where quad bikes can’t get to. Drones that deliver heavy items to inaccessible areas. Pilots are needed to plan, programme and in most cases fly BVLOS missions; we are equipping pilots with the skills they need for that today.




Here’s a selection of the BVLOS projects that Flyby Technology are involved in.

NHS Track and Trace

We were the consultancy chosen to bring regulatory compliance, consultancy and pilot provision and training to the fight against COVID-19. Pilots flying live COVID-19 Samples in one county whilst sitting in a flight centre in a totally different one. Flying VTOL aircraft at low-level on urban routes during 24-hour operations. Operations of this kind need exemplary training and flying standards, as well as the best technology available. Flyby Technology and Skylift UAV came together to get this project started in 2020.


Flyby Technology and Skylift UAV have been asked to trial the necessary procedures and protocols for moving COVID-19 samples from an international airport to a laboratory; to see if there is a way to shorten the quarantine required after overseas travel.

Industry Support

BAE Systems approached Flyby Technology and Skylift UAV to see if they could be of assistance in our work for the NHS. They gave us access to their home airfield at Warton in Lancashire to fly long-range BVLOS missions in their danger areas. We established that both companies enjoyed the experience, and the opportunity to share ideas. It is always great to fly each other’s aeroplanes. Every aircraft BAE Systems have built have been flown at some point by a Flyby Technology pilot, so it was only fair to give them a go with our aircraft for once!

COVID and Agriculture

We are currently bringing together the spraying expertise from British companies and integrating it into our test aircraft; to fly BVLOS long-duration anti-COVID and Agricultural spraying missions.



If you'd like your project to be another BVLOS success story, get in touch with us today.



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Flyby offer the only BVLOS training course in the World. With a rich heritage in aviation, we are experts at both manned and un-manned flight. This means that as we see these two industries merge in to one great aviation industry, we are brilliantly placed to train up the next generation of pilots. If you are interested in a new career opportunity, take a look at our training opportunities.


Our BVLOS Pilots are trained to the highest of standards. Every one of our pilots is trained by Flyby, which means they have gone through a complete flight training experience. They understand the human factors associated with remote operations and have undergone extensive technical and simulator training as well as flow in real BVLOS missions, in the rotary and Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) genres.

We use our highly skilled pilots in our own projects, but they are available to hire. So when you need the best BVLOS pilots for a smooth running operation, contact us for more information.



If you are a company looking to set up your own BVLOS capability we can certainly help. We can design and build the right aircraft to your requirements, and get the operation approved on your behalf. It may be advantageous for our pilots to fly your aircraft or do so temporarily whilst your own pilots undergo our training course.

The approval takes the form of an Operating Safety Case (OSC) and this document describes your processes and procedures, the technical solution and the risk mitigations involved. We will take you through every step and be your capability partner until you don’t need us anymore. If you wish to talk to us about setting up your own BVLOS capability, contact as today and we can investigate the art of the possible together.


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About Flyby

You can’t buy heritage, wisdom and experience, unless you work with Flyby.

Flyby’s heritage comprises elite pilots from the RAF, military helicopter pilots and CAA examiners. The team is headed by Jon Parker FRAeS. Fellowship (FRAeS) is the highest grade attainable and is only bestowed upon those in the profession of aeronautics or aerospace. Our heritage means that we have an exclusive network of engineers, instructors and contacts and can build capabilities and train to the highest standards possible for the latest developments in the industry.